About Us

About Us

Jordan Page Creator-FunCheapOrFree.com, BudgetBootCamp.com and BombShelterBaby.com

Hi! I’m Jordan Page. Blogger at FunCheapOrFree.com, entrepreneur, and mother who had 4 babies in 5 years (and no, I don’t have twins!). 

When I had my first baby, I couldn’t wait to begin nursing my (sure to be) perfectly-nursing baby who latches like a pro isn’t gassy, doesn’t wiggle or fuss, while wearing fashionable outfits (because I would never be the t-shirt and sweatpants mom), all the while keeping up an active social life, being an advocate for the homeless, and taking my kids to the park every single day. Oh, and cooking dinner from scratch every night, of course.

Then reality hit.

The truth is that my first baby had horrible colic. He had trouble latching. He kicked, squirmed, and yanked at my nursing cover. He spit up a lot. I flashed lots of side boob, back lumps, and all sorts of other parts of my body that no one wants to see. 

18 months later, baby #2 came along. Then 19 months later, baby #3. Then again 21 months later, baby #4. With each baby I found myself needing to nurse the baby on-the-go, in order to keep up with the bigger kids. Nursing in unconventional places became the norm: at the children’s museum while chasing my kids around, going through a drive through, at preschool pickup, in the middle of a restaurant, at a business event, in the middle of a dinner party, while getting my hair cut. Even in the middle of church.

I tried every cover on the market.

Nothing allowed me to 1) wear anything I wanted, 2) nurse anywhere I wanted (or needed), 3) remained covered and confident while doing it. 

I remember vividly one night when my family was celebrating at my favorite Italian restaurant. My baby needed to nurse. The baby started going ballistic in the middle of the restaurant and I didn’t have a bottle for him. Knowing I would have to expose parts of my sides and back in order to nurse the baby at the table, I found myself nursing the baby while sitting on a public toilet in the bathroom. 30 minutes later I had missed the Happy Birthday song, my food was cold, and everyone was done eating. I decided right then and there that there had to be a better way. 

I don’t sew. Or craft. Or make anything look pretty. Ever. But I agonized and lost sleep coming up with a nursing cover online any other, that would allow me to be the kind of mom I wanted to be without sacrificing being able to nurse my baby.

While having my kids I pieced together the most functional cover I could think of, quite literally with tape and staples, and started getting stopped on the street by moms asking me how I was able to nurse while pushing my other children on the swing at the park without flashing everyone around me. I nicknamed my nursing cover The Bomb Shelter, and the buzz about it began.

 After being hunted down and begged by mom friends who were desperate to get their hands on a Bomb Shelter, I decided it was time to make it available to the masses. After lots of trial and error, tears, frustration, and lots of impatience on my end, our first batch is now here! 

We are still perfecting the product and have exciting things in store for the future line of Bomb Shelter Baby covers. I can’t thank you enough for supporting this little dream of mine, and for allowing me the ability to help make YOUR life with your baby more enjoyable!

XOXO Jordan